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It's time to give Antarctica a voice
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Reboot the Future and Earthrise Studio have come together to raise awareness for the importance of Antarctica and the connection she holds with the rest of the world. With COP27 coming at the end of the year, the "We are Antarctica" campaign needs an immersive digital display and conversation cards to provoke thought, discussion and action.
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When designing this immersive display for the Trending Room at Outernet, we wanted to highlight the two main elements of the campaign. We aimed to highlight the connection between Antarctica and the rest of the world, along with the potential rising tides if we don't take action soon.

With this being a space that represents multiple brands, we need to explore a visual identity honouring both parties.

The water rises and falls, allowing observers the opportunity to see how they measure up. Shots from the expedition to Antarctica are on show, with dynamic lines connecting the two screens and spec. On the ceiling is a candy sky to further increase the immersive experience.

Conversation cards were designed to prompt discussion and ask challenging questions during and after the campaign.

The deck was designed with both information cards on the campaign and Antarctica, as well as question cards to answer on your own, with friends, family and more. Last up is the most important, the action card.

Where each person will look to act upon what they have learned, no matter how big or small, every action makes a difference.

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We pride ourselves in working with future-focused brands and people, and Reboot the Future didn't disappoint! The work they are doing to help educate and deliver messages to the public is so important, being part of such a special campaign was an honour. The biggest takeaway from this project was asking ourselves what small action can we take to helping our planet.

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