We Are Antarctica

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Reboot the Future

Giving Antarctica a voice through experiential design.

Reboot the Future and Earthrise Studio have come together to raise awareness for the importance of Antarctica and the connection she holds with the rest of the world. With COP27 coming at the end of the year, the "We are Antarctica" campaign needs an immersive digital display and conversation cards to provoke thought, discussion and action.

We worked with them to create a digital experience and supporting collateral for the launch event and ongoing campaign.

Taking place at Outernet in Tottenham Court Road, we designed an interactive 3-wall digital display that incorporated key imagery, campaign film and information about the importance of Antarctica in our fight against global warming.

The display included an interactive element to help deliver a key warning around rising sea levels. Visitors of the space could stand in the designated area as an abstract representation of rising sea levels surrounded them.

For the launch event, we created a set of connection cards, allowing attendees to connect over thought-provoking issues and commit to taking action.

Reboot the Future
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