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Rob Watts came to us with a challenge to create an engaging brand identity for his new community, Pintside Chat. His goal is to provide a space for like-minded individuals to come together and discuss trending topics through the Pintside Chat podcast and online community platform.

We worked with Rob to create a brand identity that expressed the brand mission while infusing a sprinkling of Rob’s personality. This meant the logo system needed to include a punky rock vibe with a Day of the Dead influence thrown in, all while honouring the core offering of the business with conversation and community elements.

The logo is a mixture of the letter P, chat bubble, typing dots and a skull. The typography has been customised to bring the punk vibe out of the identity. The colour palette brings the identity together by allowing Rob to express the brand in different ways (with a bit of a spooky twist the the colour names).

The end result is a logo system and colour palette that’s striking, informative and edgy. Logos were designed to create a recognisable brand in any setting and at any size.

Pintside Chat
Online Community
A jumper with the Pintside Chat logo mark on the front.
Different logos for the brand, include; Primary Logo, Stacked Logo, Submark, Mark, Favicon.
2 colours, smashed pumpkin, bone white, midnight black.
A hanging business card with the Pintside Chat logo on the front.
A stamp of the Pintside chat skull logo.
Two people drinking and laughing while one person wears a tshirt with the pintiside chat logo on it.
A mockup of the pintside chat Instagram account.
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