HRZN® is a strategic branding agency, helping future-focused companies share their new-age ideas through expressive and meaningful design.

There's a reason why we're called HRZN® (pronounced horizon), we're obsessed with brands that look ahead!

Our packages and services are designed to help businesses define, nurture and activate their brand in their target industry to build meaningful connections. We’ve designed three signature packages that are out of this world, all to aid businesses at different stages of their journey.

We love helping brands communicate their message and connect with the right audience.

Maybe it’s a millennial thing but our founder, Andrew Gear has always wanted to help people learn new things and connect with a cause. Add in a need for legacy and you have HRZN®.

Building connections is at the heart of what HRZN® strives to do. We help future-focused companies engage their audience in the right way and promote healthy growth.

We work with brands big and small

Our clients look to push their industry forward with new ideas or technologies. We provide the strategic support and expertise needed to position their brand for growth and success.
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We regularly share insights on our different platforms, offering help and advice on creating a meaningful brand.
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One small shop for brand, one giant leap for brand-kind.

We believe that change comes in different shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve created a shop full of digital products, apparel and more.


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