HRZN ORBIT™ is our strategy-only package for brands that are looking to refocus and rediscover their purpose.

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brand strategy defines who you are and why you're doing what you do.

A lot of brands have a good grasp on the “thing” they are offering but often fall short of why they’re doing it. Brand strategy creates a blueprint of your brand’s mission and how you’re going to achieve it. We work closely with your leadership team and key members of the business provide a clear direction for the brand.
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ORBIT™ is for brands that:

  • Are missing a clearly defined Vision and Purpose
  • Don't have Brand Values
  • Are looking for a strategic direction for their brand
  • Are inconsistent in messaging and what's being offered
  • Are not sure where the brand is going
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Orbit™ is positioned for strategy success.

In a world changing by the minute, future-focused brands are the ones that rewrite the narrative. Orbit™ is your time machine, propelling your brand into the future with purpose and power. Strap in and get ready for these game-changing benefits:

Research + Insights

Identify, interrogate and map your business and industry so we can identify key problems.

Next-Gen Audience

Understand your future customers, their evolving needs, and how your brand fits seamlessly into their aspirations.

Visionary Roadmap

Unite every individual in and out of your brand by clearly defining WHY you do what you do, WHAT you’re aiming to achieve, HOW you plan to do it and WHO you are at your core.

Loyalty Hyperdrive

Craft a brand narrative that electrifies audiences and builds unshakeable bonds. Inspire advocacy, not just transactions.

Future-Fluent Communications

Master the language of tomorrow. Ditch the jargon, embrace authenticity, and connect with hearts and minds on a human level.

Empowered Brand Ambassadors

Ignite your team with the fire of your future vision. Together, you'll rewrite the brand rulebook and conquer uncharted territories.

Much like the rocket boosters on a spaceship, we use a two phased approach to delivering HRZN Orbit™.


We start the branding journey with a detailed discovery phase. The aim is to understand your business inside and out to highlight your brand’s challenges and opportunities.

  • Deep dive questionnaire
  • Kick-off call with key stakeholders
  • Asset and materials review
  • Stakeholder Interviews (Internal / external)
  • Analysis of existing brand architecture
  • Brand Audit
  • Landscape Analysis (Market analysis, Competitor analysis, Brand Perception and messaging)
  • Investigation Analysis Report


We define your brand’s positioning and provide an overall strategic approach that will act as the brand blueprint. This provides a platform to effectively communicate your brand’s purpose, vision, mission and values.

  • Vision and Purpose
  • Who, what, why, how statements
  • Brand Values
  • Brand Archetypes
  • Brand Attributes
  • Brand Architecture
  • Strategic Positioning
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Before we get started, here's a few things you should know.

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  • Founder / Leadership involvement
  • Future-focused goal
  • Willingness to get stuck in


  • Remote / in-person


  • Approx. 3 months


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