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Imaged Reality is moving its business forward and is looking to rebrand with a product-first identity. They are looking for a logo and identity that honours their product and existing audience, while pushing it forward with a more modern and digital outlook.
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The use of the logo shape could be used throughout other materials, acting as a motif with the use of repetition.

The aim for is to not only draw focus on the subject, but also try to accommodate the layered nature of geological diagrams.

It’s definitely leans more towards the digital side of the project rather than the physical.

Using the logo to lead the design elements in other materials, the horizontal lines were used throughout the imagery to either enhance existing features or introduce a layering effect and draw focus.

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Insight isn't just about seeing. It's about understanding... 

By making it easy for experts from across an organisation to collaborate in real-time, Stratbox ensures you can cover every angle. 

The S weaves through the cube, connecting all three of its visible planes, tying them together in much the same way Stratbox facilitates a connected view of the field.

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