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My Finance Team (MFT) is a fintech company on a mission to provide finance teams to start-ups and SMEs, so they can focus on what they do best. They take care of everything finance for businesses from day-to-day operations, to qualified accountants and growth advisors.

We were approached to initially redesign their site to support the growth of the business. After an investigation and discovery session with Matt and Andrew, we identified the core reason for the website redesign. Engaging a new audience and sharing their value proposition with their target audience. Identifying this goal led us to explore the MFT brand on a deeper level, undergoing a rebrand before the website redesign.

During our CORE branding session, goals and priorities were defined to guide the branding process and provide direction for future developments. We highlighted that a bolder brand was needed to help MFT stand out in their space and differentiate itself in the industry. Messaging around their services and their offering needed to be clear and concise, demonstrating the differences between what MFT does vs an in-house finance team or an external accountant.

We elected to brighten the palette and provide a visual identity with a start-up vibe. The logo has 3 main elements hidden in the design; the letter M, growth, and relationship between the client and MFT through overlapping shapes.

Our Celestial package was the base of our work with My Finance Team, where we worked with them on their brand strategy, brand identity and activating their brand through the website and their company brochure.

My Finance Team
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