ACE Esports

The future of
Ascension Esports

Levelling up Ascension Esports brand identity.

Ascension Esports is looking to revamp its team ahead of the new F1 22 season. We were asked to create a modernised evolution of their existing visual identity, allowing them to push forward and expand when the time came. The new identity must be bold, honour the current stylistic choices, and be modern and bold.

The direction taken for this logo was one of evolution, with the existing feel left intact while modernising. Three variations of the logo were created to provide a responsive design, ready to be used in different settings.

This new colour palette is another evolution of what ACE already have. With this palette, you have a punchy combination of pink and blue, alongside two secondary colours of light blue and yellow.

The blue is darker than their existing blue, with a brighter pink. The two colours contrast one another in a way that makes the designs stand out.

Ascension Esports
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